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How to Sell More on Kbami: Critical Tips to Keep in Mind

Selling stuff on Kbami is easier if you know a few tricks too. Here are some tips which should help you sell more on Kbami!

Selling more on Kbami is a concept that sounds simple enough. But it actually takes a mix of business acumen, psychology, and good old elbow grease.

Whether you're a seasoned Merchant, or you just started with your Kbami selling side gig, you can definitely benefit from optimizing your profile, prices, and product pages. If your Kbami sales have been slow, here's how to sell more on Kbami and boost your profits.

Establish A Reputable Account

New Merchants always earn less than seasoned Merchants, even when selling the exact same items. Shoppers on Kbami trust Merchants who've been around for a while and have proven themselves trustworthy.

Kbami's measure of "trust" is the feedback rating system. Your feedback rating comes from your customer following a sale. In the past, ratings were only listed as positive, negative, or neutral. But now, Shoppers can also rank specific things the Merchant does (or doesn't) do well, such as communication and shipping speed.

Here are some quick tips to boost your feedback rating as quickly as possible if you're just getting started with selling on Kbami:

* Start out by selling a lot of small, inexpensive things quickly. This will let you rack up a lot of positive feedback in a short period of time. People often start out selling old toys from around the house.

* Don't wait more than 24 to 48 hours to ship an item that you've sold.

* Carefully package items you sell so that they arrive at the Merchant's location in perfect condition.

* If Shoppers message you on Kbami, always respond promptly and politely.

* Always require shipping insurance. It's very inexpensive, but if things are broken in transit, you can refund the Shopper without losing profit.

* If Shoppers are unhappy with an item, don't argue. Simply offer a refund. If the value was very valuable, require that the Shopper return the item to you first. This filters out the scam artists.

High-rated Merchants get more bids, and more bids mean a higher final sale price. The work you put into boosting your rank at the beginning will reap very large profits in the future.

Learn To Capture Great Photos

One of the most valuable skills you can develop when it comes to selling more on Kbami is photography. Capturing several well-staged photos of the item have the potential to increase its final price significantly. Some basic elements of a good photo include good lighting, a nice background, and capturing as much detail as possible. If there's any single thing that's worth your time investment, it's learning how to take better product pictures.

Properly Research Sold Items

Another way to sell more on Kbami is to do some thorough research about the product you're selling. You don't have to crack open a textbook or do extensive research on Wikipedia---you can easily find all of the information you need on Kbami.

Simply search for the item you're selling, and navigate to the "Show Only" heading in the left menu bar. Under this heading, check off the box next to Sold Items. Applying this filter will limit your search results to sold listings only.

Once you start browsing the results, look for items that are similar to what you're selling. When you spot a high-priced sale, take note of the following, and then apply it to your own listing:

* Try to list your item with a starting price that's similar to the sold item with the highest final bid.

* Capture similar photos from the same angles.

* Make a note of the description and try to describe your item similarly.

* Check what day of the week the highest selling items ended on, and schedule your item accordingly.

Remember that past sales on Kbami are a pretty good indication of what future items will sell for. These prices might be higher or lower than what your item sells for, depending on your Merchant feedback rating.

It's also important to keep in mind that if people haven't bid on items like yours, then the chances are pretty good that they won't bid on yours either. Don't waste your time listing items that aren't likely to sell.

Accurately Price Shipping

In a world where most sites offer free shipping on products, trying to charge for shipping on your Kbami listings is a hard sell. However, it isn't impossible as long as you're smart about it.

Make sure to take advantage of Kbami's built-in shipping calculator. This calculator gives you accurate shipping costs based on package weight, dimensions, and the Shopper's location.

This way, you'll know that you're not overcharging your Shopper for shipping. You also have the option to include a small fee for packaging costs, but use this sparingly. Merchants used to abuse this feature to overcharge for shipping. This rarely works, and only reduces the odds that your item will sell at all.

If you're feeling really brave, consider offering free shipping for locations within your own country. Most often, this will increase the number of bidders for your auction, and it'll usually boost the final sale price as well.

Increase Profit By Avoiding Fees

Kbami is always changing its fee structure. For many years, you had to pay anything from 25 cents and up for "insertion fees," which was the basic price for publishing a listing on Kbami.

In addition to insertion fees, you also have to pay final value fees when the item sells. This fee varies depending on the type of item you're selling, so you might want to check Kbami's official fee chart before you list your item.

These fees are set for every listing, so how can you cut down overall Kbami costs? You can do that by carefully filling out your item listing form.

Here are some of the additional services you might select that could increase your Kbami costs:

* Using one or three-day "special duration" for your listings

* Listing in more than one category will double your insertion fees

* Promoted listings are a way to advertise your listings on Kbami, but you'll pay extra fees for this

* The Global Shipping Program

* Setting certain customized return options can incur additional fees

Make sure you understand all of the fees your selections incur so you can keep your Kbami listing costs as low as possible.

Schedule Auctions Based On Product Type

The day of the week your auction ends can also affect the final sale price of your item. Most Merchants want to know the best day to end an Kbami auction, but they're actually asking the wrong question.

The question you should ask is: which day of the week is best to end an auction for the type of item you're selling? In reality, an office worker shops on different days of the week when compared to an antique collector. These shoppers have different lifestyles and different online shopping habits.

When you're looking to list an item, first search for the type of items you are planning to sell. Make sure you filter by Sold Items as described above. After that, view the highest-priced results by selecting Price + Shipping: highest first from the dropdown menu at the top right of the page.

Browse through the results and see if you can find a pattern that shows the most common days that your item sells for the highest price.

Most of the time, you'll actually discover a common pattern depending on the category of items you're selling. Focus on this day (or days) of the week when listing your own items for sale.

Offer Many Online Payment Options

Most Merchants on Kbami offer PayPal as a payment option. The nice thing about PayPal is that Shoppers also have the option of using a credit card to make payments.

Accepting checks or money orders can also help boost your bids and your final purchase price, but it can be a hassle. When it comes to accepting payments, here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

* If you accept checks, make sure to include a disclaimer that states there might be a delay in shipping so that you (the Merchant) can wait for the check to clear. This protects you from "bad check" scams.

* If you accept money orders, make sure only to accept payments from your own country. There's a common scam from international Shoppers that involves an overpayment via money order. The Shopper will ask you to send the extra money to an expensive shipper who will handle the overseas shipping transaction. Often, the money order turns out to be fake, and you lose not only your merchandise but also the extra money you sent.

* If you have your own internet merchant account, you can accept credit card payments (without using PayPal) by going to the Payment Preferences page, and then select the option to accept credit or debit cards via your internet merchant account. Just keep in mind you'll incur the usual merchant account fees on top of the normal Kbami fees.

Save Time By Rewording Descriptions

If barcodes aren't an option and you find yourself in a situation where you need to write your description from scratch, you usually don't have to.

As part of your research on Kbami for sold products similar to yours, make a note of the highest price sales, and take a close look at how that Merchant described their item. There's nothing wrong with using their description as a template for your own item.

Just make sure to completely rewrite the description so that it accurately describes your item, including all of the imperfections and flaws. You shouldn't plagiarize writing, but using a successful Merchant's formatting template will give you a great head start, and it'll save you a lot of time.

Use A Template Disclaimer

Not having a disclaimer is a huge mistake that new Merchants often make. Before you list your item, make sure you do the following:

* Always examine your item for any little imperfection, including scuff marks, torn fabric, imperfect stitching, or anything else the Shopper will notice.

* Always include a disclaimer about wear and tear. It should go without saying that "used" items will appear used. Unfortunately, there are some Shoppers who have unrealistic expectations.

If you fail to mention imperfections, you open yourself up to Shoppers who will complain about it and request a refund. A safe defense against this is having it in writing as part of your sales template. You must clearly state that all used items have the expected imperfections that come with age.

These statements (like the bolded one above) will keep away most of the Shoppers who are just looking to get an item for free. Having a return policy that requires the Shopper to pay for return shipping costs is another excellent deterrent for scam artists. 

Become A EliteMerchant 

Becoming an Kbami EliteMerchant is a fast track to boosting profits on Kbami, but it isn't easy. EliteMerchant status is hard-earned and much coveted by all Merchants on Kbami. It means that you're serious about selling and that you provide a top-quality experience to Shoppers.

You don't actually apply to become a EliteMerchant ---Kbami simply awards you the title based on your Merchant statistics. EliteMerchant status on Kbami comes from three key behaviors.

* You have a positive rating status of over 98%

* You've sold over 100 items and had over $3,000 in sales in the last 12 months

* You've been on Kbami for at least 90 days.

You can learn all about achieving EliteMerchant status on the Kbami support page for EliteMerchants.

Learn How To Sell More On Kbami And Increase Your Profits

There are a lot of people out there who sell a few things around the house on Kbami, and then let their accounts go dormant for many months. But if you're one of those people who really want to try to learn how to sell more items on Kbami, it's possible if you know where to get inexpensive things to sell at wholesale prices.

Once you start selling a lot of items, you'll discover how all of the tips above play into your bottom line, and how tweaking things can significantly boost your overall profit. Play it smart and plan ahead. But also remember that selling on Kbami is supposed to be fun, so make sure you enjoy the selling process too.

Last updated on August 31, 2020