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Return & Refund Policy 
Shoppers may be liable for loss in value of the item if it's returned in a different condition from which it was received, or if the item is not packaged securely to prevent damage in shipment. In the event that an item is returned used or damaged, some Merchants might provide a partial refund to account for the loss in the item's value.

This applies when the loss in value is due to handling of the goods which was not necessary for checking the condition, properties, or mode of operation.

Shoppers who have a history of abusing the returns process may be subject to the consequences outlined in our Shopper Abusive policy.

What are the requirements, rules and conditions?
Returned items that do not meet the below criteria may be subject to a partial refund. To be eligible for Kbami Merchant Money Back Guarantee, the exact item you purchased must be returned.

Same or unaltered condition (not an exhaustive list):
* Items must have original tags, labels, and/or any accompanying materials that were originally included
* All parts must be intact
* Must be returned with original product packaging: boxes, UPCs, bags or any items used to wrap and protect the item
* Must include all items that were included in the original package, such as cords, cables, remote controls, manuals, warranty and rebate cards, free gifts or bonus items
* Unused, unaltered, with no damage or signs of use outside of the listed item condition or how it was received
* Must include all items that were included in the original package, such as cords, cables, remote controls, manuals, warranty and rebate cards, free gifts or bonus items
Food & BeveragesItem must be unopened. Item must not be expired
Business & IndustrialShould be drained of any fuel or liquid. If assembled, item should be dismantled before return
Art & CollectiblesMust include any provided certificates of authenticity, grading or appraisal. Items must not be removed from sealed packaging
Software, Movies, Music & GamesFactory seal must not be broken/opened
FashionItems cannot appear washed or used. Items must have original tags. Sanitary lining cannot be removed from an undergarment. Item cannot be altered in any way. Item cannot be stained (dirt, makeup, food, etc.)
Home & Gardenmust remain vacuum sealed. Should be drained of any fuel or liquid. If assembled, item should be dismantled before return

Shopper abusive policy 

This policy outlines our expectations for shopper behavior. When shoppers don't meet these standards, sellers can report abusive behavior.

Engaging in activity as described in this policy may result in a range of actions, including the loss of Kbami Merchant Money Back Guarantee coverage, issuing warnings to shoppers, blocking shoppers from requesting returns or refunds on Kbami, blocking shoppers from opening claims, and account suspension.

When we review a report of a member violating our policies, we look at the circumstances, including the members' history. We make decisions based on the evidence in the individual situation, as well as by evaluating patterns of behavior that create a negative value in the marketplace. If we aren't sure about something, we may not take any action. Also, because we respect our members' privacy, we can't discuss the results of any investigations.

Behaviors we don't allow
* Don't demand something not offered in the original listing
* Don't make false claims
* Don't misuse returns
* Don't misuse Kbami messaging
* Don't abuse the Shopper protection programs

Additional information
Acceptable purchasing practices include adherence to the following policies.

Communications: Your communications with Merchant via email, My Kbami Messages or Community discussion boards should comply with our member-to-member contact policy.
Customs declarations: Asking a seller to falsely declare an item as a gift on a customs form is considered to be encouraging illegal activity.
Unwelcome and malicious buying: We consider bidding on or buying an item when you have no intention of completing the transaction, or circumventing a seller's buyer requirements, to be unwelcome and malicious buying.
Contact information: All Kbami members must keep their account details up to date. We take action when we know that a member has false or missing contact information.

Why does Kbami have this policy?
We want to make sure Kbami is a fair place to sell. In order to make Kbami a fair place to sell, we hold our Shoppers to certain standards. When Shoppers do not follow these standards we take action on our Shoppers and we protect our Merchants.

Shopper Protection Programs
What's covered
Most transactions on are covered by the Kbami Merchant Money Back Guarantee.

Purchases are covered by the Kbami Merchant Money Back Guarantee when all of the following are true:
* An item isn't received or it isn't as described in the listing
* A shopper reports that they didn't receive an item or requests a return within the Kbami Merchant Money Back Guarantee timelines
* The shopper made the purchase on via checkout or an Kbami invoice and paid with one of the following payment methods within the checkout process on Kbami:
    - PayPal or PayPal Credit
    - Credit card or debit card
* The item was paid for in a single payment
* Items collected in person are covered, provided all other requirements are met

Not covered
* Transactions paid with any offline payment method (examples: cash, bank to bank transfer, money orders, escrow services)
* shopper remorse or any reason other than not receiving an item or receiving an item that isn't as described in the listing (see the seller's return policy for return options)
* Duplicate claims through other resolution methods
* The following scenarios:
           - A local pickup item wasn't collected by, or on behalf of, the buyer
           - Items damaged during pickup
           - The shopper arranged for courier pickup, their own shipping method, or freight delivery of the item
           - The item was sent to another address after the original delivery, or buyer uses a freight forwarder
* The following excluded categories and listing types:
           - Vehicles (see Kbami Vehicle Protection)
           - Real Estate
           - Websites & Business for Sale
           - Digital Content
           - Intangible Goods
           - Classified Ads
           - Services
           - Some Business Equipment categories (see Kbami Business Equipment Purchase Protection)

Last updated on August 31, 2020